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We offer full data solution packages to suit your data analysis needs. An example is the Time Series Lab software package which provides many ways of extracting information from your time series. Another example is the Structural Time series Analyser, Modeller and Predictor program or STAMP in short. STAMP is a statistical / econometric software system for time series models with unobserved components such as trend, seasonal, cycle and irregular and is part of the OxMetrics package.

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Nlitn is proud to cooperate with leading academics and professionals to deliver quality training services. We provide time series econometrics courses that range from basic to expert level. Dynamic modelling of time series is at the core of the courses and both theory as well as applied work is discussed. Examples of courses are "Analyzing Time Series with State Space Models" and "Dynamic Models for Volatility and Heavy Tails". Courses are often combined with programming exercises in which time series theory and methodology are utilized.

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Excel sheets and the financial world are closely intertwined. Many companies depend on Excel sheets for their important calculations. However, this dependence becomes problematic when Excel is faced with large datasets and heavy computations. Nlitn often encounters large, slow Excel sheets, possibly built by staff members that long ago left the company, where over time new modules were added to the spreadsheets without regard of structure, efficiency, or error checking capabilities. Nlitn works with finance professionals to transform Excel sheets to highly efficient code modules.

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